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Who are we

Hello, we are a team of enthusiasts that created the free mobile app "Dentist Manager". This application helps dentists to conveniently organize their work, create patient cards with entire medical history and treatment plans.

What we have achieved

The application already has an excellent rating on Google Play 4.5+, it was downloaded by 10,000 users, of which 5,000 are active. More than 100 real testimonials from dentists from all over the world, many of them with wishes for additional features.

We are glad that our product turned out to be so useful and we want to develop it further. Since the application is free, we hope to receive support for project development. You can become a part of the project and help, in gratitude we will indicate in the application itself that it was developed with your support.


$380 из $19000 2%


Application functionality

Dentist Manager was created for dentists. It`s an irreplaceable organizer, which is always at hand.

Where will your donations go?

We plan to use all collected donations to:

We will also highlight biggest donors, place their logo and indicate, that the application was developed with their support.

Share your ideas

If you have any more ideas for improvement, write us or just fill out this form:

Development help

We are ready to continue working with full dedication to create together with you an irreplaceable assistant for dentists and students around the world.


Best regards,
Alex Mit, Serghei Denisov, Alexandr Cernisiov

Alex Mit

Serghei Denisov

Alexandr Cernisiov